● Instruction

A clean room, as a place where indoor and residential environment is clean, is to prevent and remove pollution to maintain purity. Due to the rapid development of industrial technology in the modern industry, high cleanliness is required with pressure temperature, humidity, and particulates for production, and clean room offers constant maintaintance.

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■ Clean Room Construction

Explosion Proof Clean Booth


■ Clean Room Applications

◆ Semi-conductor Electronics

◆ Laboratory

◆ Medical

■ ICR (Industrial clean room)

ICR(Industrial clean room) is a clean room mainly used for the manufacturing process of industrial products, and mainly maintains floating particles in the air.

Diagram of ICR Clean Room

■ BCR (Biological Clean Room)

BCR(Biological clean room) controls temperature, humidity, pressure, bio-particles and non-bio particles with the purpose of satisfy specific standard of products

Diagram of BCR Clean Room

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■ Air Conditioner

It is a device that purifies, cools, dehumidifies, heats, and humidifies the air, and installs a blower to keep the indoor air pleasant.

As an air conditioner, it is widely used in the maintenance of clean room and maintenance and management of cleanliness.

It is used to maintain the cleanliness of facilities such as chemical, electronics, medicine, bio clean room, semiconductor process, GMP and HACCP.

■ Features

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■ Thermo-hygrostat

It is a multifunctional air conditioning equipment that controls the air condition so that various equipment or devices affected by indoor air such as computer equipment and communication equipment can be operated in the best condition.

To keep the temperature and humidity constant

It keeps the room temperature and humidity constant at all times regardless of the outdoor temperature and humidity conditions such as cooling, heating, dehumidification, and air cleaning.

■ Features