■ Industrial dehumidifiers

Due to change of climates, production processes which include the importance of manufacturing and quality control, are increasing in recent industries that are including the importance of low humidity and quality control in a variety of industries.

Dry rooms demand dew point with under -10 degrees, and are used in bio-machine, medicine, battery industries which are sensitive to moisture

■ Selection criteria of dehumidifier

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■ Dehumidifier drawings


■ Industrial dehumidifiers


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■ Dehumidifier for Pharmaceutical


Pharmaceutical dehumidifier integrates with energy saving rotary saving rotary piston compressor, air filter, built-in hygrostat and operating hours counter, it is a best solution for maintaining a dry environment. Since it prevents growth of mold and mildew by lowering the humidity level, it is widely used in hospitals and clinics

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■ Specifications